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CEP Board JXX-FP96026A


Product Description

Metal polymer composite panel, called CEP Board.

CEP Board has the advantage of easy processing, strong plasticity, wide range of uses. This product is suitable for high-end building, airport, station, industrial factory, shop exterior wall and curtain wall; train, car panel, surface decoration, kitchen and bathroom cabinet. The research and development of this product conforms to the national design requirements on building energy conservation and green environmental protection and plays an important role in beautifying the city, energy conservation and emission reduction.

1. Weather ability

It is resistant to bad weather and ultraviolet radiation. So it has the ability to maintain color and luster for a long time Self-cleaning ability.

2. Corrosion resistance

It has the ability of resisting acid and liquid alkali erosion and not being polluted by air, acid rain invasion, low permeability of oxygen, moisture and corrosive particles, and can withstand the bad environment for a long time without corrosion, thus delaying the service life of CEP Board.

3. Mechanical properties

Excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent film flexibility.

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