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Mirror Series JXX-9984


Product Description

Compared with other decorative materials, The Aluminum Composite Panel is a new kind of adornment materials that has many incomparable advantages. One reason is that Aluminum Composite Panel is a kind of composite material. Through the compound, it gets many new performance that raw materials don't have. The other reason is that the Aluminum Composite Panel is a kind of high technology products. Whether production or application, it contains high technical content. The Goodsense uses many advanced technology in the production to ensure the material performance fully, such as Roller coating technology and Continuous laminating technology.

Product Features

1. high rigidity, light weight, high strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, the PVDF paint can be up to 25 years that the color won't fade out.

2. Good technique, Convenient installation, can be manufactured to some kinds of complicated geometry shapes, like plane, camber, spherical surface, etc.

3. hard to pollute, Convenient to clean and maintain. PVDF membrane's non adhesiveness, difficult to adhere pollutants, and best clean performance.

4. Due to reuse, it is good for protect environment from pollution. Aluminum panel can 100% reuse and have higher return value.

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